Enchants Craft

Acestea pica random in enchanting table
Lista cu enchants si ce fac fiecare (le poti avea si cand enchantezi dar este o sansa mica)

Enchant Table 40% | Villager Chance 10.5% | Loot Chance 12% | level minim 1

Enchant Table 35% | Villager Chance 9% | Loot Chance 16% | level minim 5

Enchant Table 30% | Villager Chance 7.5% | Loot Chance 18% | level minim 15

Enchant Table 25% | Villager Chance 6% | Loot Chance 20% | level minim 20

Enchant Table 20% | Villager Chance 4.5% | Loot Chance 4% | level minim 20

Enchant Table 15% | Villager Chance 3% | Loot Chance 5% | level minim 30

Very Special:
Enchant Table 10% | Villager Chance 1.5% | Loot Chance 2% | level minim 30

Abrasion Deals damage to your opponents armor.
Adrenaline Gain strength when blocking hits.
Arcane Defence Gives a chance to ignore potion damage.
Block Breather Chance to ignore suffocation damage.
Boss Hunter Deal more damage against bosses.
Caffeinated Gives a bonus to attack speed while sprinting.
Criticals Increases critical damage.
Dexterity Increases attack speed.
Feather Step Prevents trampling crops by jumping on them.
Finishing Increases damage dealt for each percent of health missing on your opponent.
First Strike Deal more damage against victims on max health.
Fortitude Gives a bonus to damage dealt.
LifeSteal Heals amount of damage dealt.
Metabolism Increases the hunger gained by eating food.
Rapid Lets you shoot full speed arrows with the bow at tension.
Rebounding Rebounds of incoming damage back at your attacker.
Repairing Automatically gain durability every few seconds.
Shura Gives a bonus to critical damage when under half health.
Stamina Decreases sprinting hunger loss.
Streamlining Gives a boost to movement speed.
Thor Gives a chance chance to strike bolts lightning bolts on your opponent.
Thrive Gives a bonus health.
TripleShot Shoot 3 arrows instead of 1.
Vitality Puts you back on max health.
Wyvern Gives a bonus to melee damage.
XRay Makes ores within radius blocks shine through walls.