Enchants Shop

Pentru a cumpara carti cu enchant foloseste comanda /e
Lista cu enchants si ce fac fiecare (le poti avea si cand enchantezi dar este o sansa mica) 25%:
Wings Allows flying when worn.
Aquatic Breathe underwater.
Water Walker Walk on Water
Vampire A chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.
Unbreakable Tools with this enchant become unbreakable.
Telepathy Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory.
Springs Gives jump boost.
Sniper Headshots with bows deal double damage.
Slingshot Boost yourself into flight by right-clicking.
Replanter Replants crops when you break them.
Obsidianshield Gives permanent fire resistance.
Lavawalker Walk on Lava.
Launch Launch yourself by right-clicking.
Killaura Chance to kill multiple monsters in radius.
JellyLegs Chance to negate fall damage.
Inquisitive Chance to increase EXP drops from mobs.
Hook Get more exp from fishing.
Glowing Gives permanent night vision.
Explosive Chance for arrows to explode.
Experience Chance to get more experience from ores.
Decapitation Chance to have opponents head drop on death.
Critical Increase damage done with critical hit.
Bleed Make your opponent bleed.
VeinMiner Mine entire vein of ores.
Ward A chance to absorb enemy damage.
Trench Chance to break in 3x3 area.
Timber Chance to break a tree in one hit
Smelting Chance to smelt mined blocks.
Replenish Chance to restore food while mining.
Momentum Chance to gain speed boost with fireworks.
NightOwl Deal more damage to mobs at night.